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The Matrix Recording Studio
Professional audio engineering and soundtrack scoring facility.


The studio has been terminated.



The Matrix Recording Studio began in 1994 as simply "The Matrix" and was located in the heart of Rochester, NY on the 7th floor of the Sibley Building. The three partners were Daevid Vincent, Tom Plinzke and Bill Pifer. The studio evolved from 4-track, to 8-track Reel-Reel, to 16-track and eventually digital. The studio was invitation only, and often the artists were recorded pro-bono.

During the next four years, the studio focused on expanding its equipment selection, honing it's clientele, and delving into video game soundtracks. The first of which was the game Synnergist by Vicarious Visions. Tom and Daevid did all the scores, sound effects and voice-over recording. They even have bit parts as characters in the game. Also worthy of note, the cover art was done by Dave McKean, famous for the Sandman comics. Most of the artists were recorded during this timeframe on what was then extremely high end equipment, but by today's standards would seem antiquated.

In 1996 Daevid moved to San Francisco, CA and the studio became bi-coastal and focused primarily on sound track and scoring work. The second game title was Dark Angæl and primarily written by Tom and Bill.

Finally from 1998 - 2001, the NY branch closed and everything was relocated to Seattle, WA. The studio became primarily digital from the Mackie D8B to Creamware Pulsars with 15 DSPs. It was rockin' 32-lightpipe channels to and from and almost everything was automated. Life was good. The soundtrack work continued for WildTangent, Inc. and also for Valve Software. The Valve project was particularly rewarding as it involved re-creating many of the "Doom" sound effects (originally created by Nine Inch Nails) to use in a port of "Doom" using the new Half-Life engine! Several voice-overs for Valve's "Gunman" female computer were also recorded at this time. While working for WildTangent, a screen saver was created.

After the 9/11 tragedy, the studio started to suffer and it was decided that it was time to close shop. Most of the equipment was sold off, but there is still some left. Please inquire if you're interested.

TheMatrix.com domain was sold in January 2002 to Warner Brothers for an undisclosed sum of money and replaced with this domain name.

screen saver screen shot